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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving Ritual: Fox Hunting

On Thanksgiving Day millions of people congregate on the streets of Manhattan to watch Spongebob mop up the floors of Central Park West for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But over at Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey a more serene tradition occurs when an elite gathering of hundreds come together for an annual event that  started in the 1880's. The Essex Fox Hounds Organization has been keeping alive the fox hunting tradition ever since, organizing a unique spectacle every year. What happens is at the sound of a brass horn, dozens of fox hounds sprint out of their kennels and into the countryside, accompanied by a fleet of horseback riders dressed in colorful suits and top hats. The fox hounds run in erratic directions, in pursuit of foxes they may come across (but don't worry no fox is actually harmed), while the horseback riders try to manage the hounds. Spectators have the option of setting up shop at the starting point (where people often tailgate and socialize), or "road whipping," the process of tracking the hounds using their car. Although "road whipping" is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, if you stumble across the group you're in for an amazing spectacle. If you're interested in fox hunting you can read more here:


Anonymous said...

What a nice story! I help out at a motocross track in CA, and the land-owners daughter holds fox hunts from time to time. We try to help her out when we can. It's so much fun to watch them take off and return. Love this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Fox hounds, not Beagles.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of jerks. Just keep trying kid, you will be fine in your quest to be a photographer and writer.

Anonymous said...

Refreshing story and from a 15 year old. Your parents should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Why would you get rid of the negative comments? It seems asinine to do so. In life, you balance the good and the bad, never allowing yourself to develop a big head nor to become depressed because someone told you No!
Anyhow, the photography is ok. The problem with most modern photography is that a person with a phone and an "app" can create incredible images.
However, a good photographer will have that "it" and it'll come across in their work. You go ahead and erase my comment if you wish but to become a "fine arts" photographer isn't just about making pretty pictures...we would leave that up to commercial photographers.

Chase Guttman Photography said...

Hi There,

Since the error that the commenter accurately noted was recently corrected, I thought that there was no reason to keep it up. I deleted the comment not out of objection or because I couldn't accept the negativity, but rather because the issue was later remedied. Furthermore, the error was a small mistake that I made over a year ago--- a mistake that wasn't repeated in my later articles. For those reasons, I thought it was "asinine" to keep the comment up.

Anonymous said...

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