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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Twitter Giveaway- 50 Paged PDF on the Basics of Photography

Follow for 51-Page PDF on the Basics of Photography
Step 1: Follow @chaseguttman
Step 2: Retweet this message once
Step 3: Check your twitter direct messages for your download link.

The instructions above outline the three simple steps to getting the download link to our newest exclusive content on Twitter. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, retweet this message once and you will receive a private direct message with a link to where you can download our 51-paged PDF. You need to both follow us and retweet the message or you will not be able to access the PDF. This is for a limited time only. Also be sure to watch our Twitter, as we will be offering more exclusive content soon.

The document goes through the main elements of photography and outlines basic concepts that beginner photographers need to know. This is all packaged together with helpful tips and illustrative examples.  

Note: Direct message delivery time will vary depending on congestion. Additionally, because of Twitter's technical limits we can only Direct Message (DM) the link to 250 people per day. If you've gone through the steps mentioned above and still haven't yet received your link, please be patient.

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