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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ten Tips to Help Make Your Landscapes Special

Tip #1- A general rule of thumb in landscape photography is to shoot with a large depth of field by increasing the aperture number. This allows your camera to focus on all of the depths, regions and textures in your images. But if you are trying to zero in on a certain object or create a lot of contrast, break the rule and lower your aperture number. 

Tip #2- When photographing movement shoot with a tripod at a slow exposure (if you need to do so, put your camera on self-timer so you don't shake the camera) to add a mystical effect to your images (while assuring sharp photos). Photographing movement can create a type of contrast in your images between the moving object(s) and the still world around it.  Movement is quite often the icing on the cake of your perfect landscape image. 

Tip #3- Just like other types of photography, in landscape photography what is in focus and out of focus means a lot for your image. I like to go close to my main focus and get at the level of the object, to create an unique perspective.
Tip #4- Great lighting is key to capturing special landscape images. Work with lighting that you deem adequate and follow it to a pretty scene. Try to understand weather patterns to anticipate whether the lighting will get better or worse. Cover a lot of land, try to photograph as much variety of images before lighting deteriorates. As I stated in my article about portrait photography tips, the best time of day for outdoor photography is right before the sunrises and just before sunsets. You need to take advantages of these times. I suggest waking up right before the sunrises and look out your window. Is the lighting worth going out for? Is it going to get better or worse? The chances are you might as well go back to sleep. The time right after sunset is called "blue hour," because the sky is reliably blue no matter what the weather was throughout the day. But, the sky is only like this for a limited amount of time, so be out before "blue hour" and work quick.

Tip #5- Providing a scale for your landscape images add context to your shots. Scales add a wow-factor to landscapes, by impressing your viewer with the size of your subject. To add a scale simply place a person, a finger, a insect, etc. in front of your landscape.

Tip #6- Always carry around a polarizing filter to help make colors in your images pop. Polarizing filters reduce reflections off of objects and in return enhance the saturation of objects colors. They especially work well on water, skies and foliage.

Tip #7- Perspective is something you must consider when taking landscape shots. How high are you in comparison to your subject? Choosing the perspective and angles by which you take landscape shots are important to giving your images more pizazz.

Tip #8- Use negative space to isolate your subject and give it importance.

Tip #9- Embrace texture, symmetry and patterns into your images as they make your images stand out.

Tip #10- Spend time making sure the images you take are as good as they can be. Is this the best angle? Is there any unnecessary objects I can move or avoid? Should I try a different spot? Great landscape shots sometimes are only good for a short period of time, so plan ahead of time.

Next, we will give you ten tips to making your animal/pet shots stand out, so follow us for more...

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