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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

I love Central America- its fascinating indigenous cultures, stunningly colorful markets, and vast array of wildlife have  always been deeply appealing to me as a photographer.  But on my last trip I realized how rich the region can also be in experiences.

I just returned from Costa Rica for Tauck Bridges- teaching photography workshops to families. The tour was absolutely amazing - for both photography and adventure. From zip lining over perfectly visible volcanoes to tubing in white-water (you can see recordings of both of these experiences in the video below) to experiencing the local culture, the trip had something for everyone  We surveyed the country from a multitude of angles and had both once-in-a-lifetime experiences and terrific photographic opportunities.  At the end of the week-long tour, I created the video below featuring my photography. 

After our week in Costa Rica, we headed north to Nicaragua where the luxurious jungle resort Jicaro lodge was our home for a few nights. We explored the untouched Lake Nicaragua-- kayaking to natural hot springs, touring colorful Granada, and photographing  the Masaya volcano at night where the combination of volcanic steam and rain created a surreal white-out. The exotic local markets were photographic nirvana. 

To see more images from the trip check out the album on Facebook- 

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