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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Traditions: Santacon

A premature holiday celebration, Santacon, is the annual spree of thousands of mischievous Santas throughout the boroughs of New York City. The celebrants start out in eleven different spots around the city and crowd the subways and the sidewalks in an effort to join each other in one secretive location. Participants dress in creative and colorful costumes, ranging from reindeer, to elves, to Christmas trees, to presents, and everything from ZZ Top Santas to Gangster Santas, surprising children and tourists alike. The event is really a "joyous" bar crawl, where Santas fill up in bars, sing dirty versions of classic carols, dance on strip poles (with clothes), give unconventional gifts, play wacky games, and party. This year the eleven different groups (each with hundreds of Santa participants) rendezvous at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. The locations are changed every year and are not unveiled until hours before in an attempt to avoid a police presence. Santacon is a must see spectacle, with a growing number of celebrants every year and cooler locations. And if you don't live in NYC  don't worry, it's an international event:

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