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Friday, November 26, 2010

21 Tips On Shooting for Clients

When it comes to preparation...
1. Make sure your client wants to do the project with you. Do what you need to do to convince them that you're right for them.
2. Go over your client's goals and wants. This means ask whether they want you to try different angles, locations, times, lenses, etc.
3. Make sure you have multiple ways of contacting your client.
4. Write a proposal/contract for your client so everything is clear for both of you.
5. Review/confirm everything the night before.

When it comes to equipment...
6. It's ideal if you have a tripod, flash and polarizing lens.
7. Always have a lens cleaner, lens covers/protectors, extra batteries and memory cards.
8. Bring all of your equipment on an assignment no matter what.
9. Prepare your equipment 24 hours in advance and have everything packed and ready to go at least 15 minutes in advance.

When it comes to the actual shoot...
10. Take as many pictures as you can. More images is something that can be fixed, less images is something that cannot.
11. Try different angles, lenses, lighting, etc.- your goal is to give your client options.
12. Be kind and courteous to your client, make conversation and do what they ask.
13. Make post processing as easy as you can you for yourself.
14. Immediately after the shoot, tell your client where and when they will be able to see/use the images.

When it comes to the time after the shoot...
15. Impress your clients and finalize their images quickly.
16. Before you edit an image, make a copy so you'll always have the original.
17. In post processing make sure all digital re-enhancements look realsitic.
18. Edit out the images that neither match what they want nor are artistic.
19. After the unneeded images are separated (never actually delete them) create a final copy for the client (whether its online or a physical CD) that matches what they asked for. Do they prefer more options? Do they only want the best of the best?
20. Ask your client if they need anything else. Do they want specific changes to a shot? Would they like another CD? Are they interested in seeing more shots? Are there any images that they would like to be printed for them?
21. Stay in contact with the client. Are they fully satisfied? Do they need you again?

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